MAY 26

9:30 AM - 6:00 PM

Goldcorp Stage at the BMO Theatre Centre

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Come Meet the Best Minds in the Business

This year's lineup features a mix of new and returning speakers. Every discussion will feature brand-new insights on the latest in ecommerce.

Hear from industry leaders experts about how to navigate the ever-changing world of ecommerce. Network with your peers and let the ideas fly. Take part in panels to discuss the exciting ways that the old meets the new. And do it all against the backdrop of coastal mountains and the Pacific ocean in the heart of Vancouver, British Columbia.

The Speakers

Doug Crowe | Director of Marketing - <a style="color:#cc4d31" href="" target="_blank"><b>Noelle Floyd</b></a>
Tiffany Tse | Developer Advocacy Lead on the Partnerships Education Team, <a style="color:#cc4d31" href="" target="_blank"><b>Shopify</b></a>

Tiffany Tse

Developer Advocacy Lead on the Partnerships Education Team, Shopify

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Stephen Smyth | Launch Manager, <a style="color:#cc4d31" href="" target="_blank"><b>Shopify Plus</b></a>
Laura Andersen | Growth Manager for Affiliates, <a style="color:#cc4d31" href="" target="_blank"><b>Shopify</b></a>
Anthony Hillairet | Technology Lead, <a style="color:#cc4d31" href="" target="_blank"><b>Satel Creative</b></a>
Dan Conway | Sr. Director of D2C, <a style="color:#cc4d31" href="" target="_blank"><b>Fame House</b></a>
Brittany Skolovy | Senior Digital Product Manager at <a style="color:#cc4d31" href="" target="_blank"><b>Aritzia</b></a>

Key Note Speakers

Nate Dierks | Director of Technology, <a style="color:#cc4d31" href="" target="_blank"><b>ColourPop</b></a>
Courtney Symons | Lead Writer, Office of the CEO, <a style="color:#cc4d31" href="" target="_blank"><b>Shopify</b></a>
Michael Perry | Director of Product, Marketing Technology at <a style="color:#cc4d31" href="" target="_blank"><b>Shopify</b></a>

Are You Ready To Build An Empire?

Are you looking to launch your online business? Are you closing in on $100,000 in sales? Has your ecommerce outgrown its current platform? Whatever stage your empire is in we’re all facing the same challenges - more competition, too many options and customers with shorter attention spans & higher expectations than ever.